Daily life in Nes Ammim

I just wanted to give you a short update about my daily life here in Nes Ammim:

Since the beginning of December I started working in the village. The village basically takes care of everything that concerns the daily life of the volunteers. Right now we are three girls working together. We clean the Chader Ochel, organize different events (f.e. Christmas Party, New Years Dinner), do the laundry of the volunteers, do orderings and also rent out houses and pavillions to guests that are coming mostly from Europe. I really enjoy working here because the work is more diverse, you can structure your day a bit by yourself and it is always fun to work with other volunteers together. Apart from working in the village I work in the housekeeping and dining hall too.
Other volunteers also work at the reception, kitchen, dishwash, bookkeeping or the CLD (Center of Learning and Dialogue).

Another big part of our daily life in Nes Ammim is the Study Programm. Our study leader Tobias organizes trips to different cities, lectures and seminars. We get to talk to different rabbi´s, visit synagogues and mosques, discuss about the conflict or social issues, get to know BOTH point of views over the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict, have Hebrew and Arabic classes and  learn about the Jewish and Israeli culture. We also have the Westbank, Negev and Jerusalem Seminar which are one of the most popular seminars of the year.

Another really exciting activity of the CLD is the project “adopt a volunteer”. In 2013 around 90 local families started moving into newly built houses. Some families can “adopt” a volunteer that means that you can for example have dinner together, you can plan some trips with them or just spend some time with the kids. I also have an adopted family which I really appreciate. They were very welcoming and I love having dinner with them. Anat and Tsachie have a really cute daughter Embar who is turning two next week 🙂 It is nice to have contact to a local family and getting to learn some daily traditions they have.

But we also have some weekly traditions in Nes Ammim:

Every Thursday evening we have a bar evening organized by the volunteers. It is always fun to start the weekend having a good time at the bar (most of us volunteers actually have to work the next day because the hotel is full but yeah we don´t care 😉 ). Every Friday evening we celebrate “Erev Shabbat”. We set up the tables nicely and celebrate the beginning of Shabbat with Jewish songs and traditions. Every Sunday evening we also have a Church Service organized by Tobias and some volunteers. I mostly play the piano there.

We also get the opportunity to travel Israel by ourselves. If I have one day off I mostly like to stay here, lay in the sun and just relax for some time. You can also always go to the beach in Naharyia or eat Hummus in Akko. Both cities are not far away and nice to visit. If I have two days off in a row, I always try to go get out of Nes Ammim and travel around Israel. Last time we spontaneously went with five volunteers to Tel Aviv and spend the weekend there. For the first night we didn´t even have a hostel so after going to a club, we just slept at the beach and enjoyed our day walking around Jaffa and the Carmel Market. To go back we hitchhiked from Tel Aviv to Nes Ammim which for me at first was kind of weird because I have never done it before. But it was a really fun and also interesting experience.

I hope you got a better impression of what daily life looks like in Nes Ammim. 🙂




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