A daytrip to Safed

Last Thursday we decided to visit Safed, a small village in the Nothern District of Israel. It´s located on one of the highest mountains and therefore the highest city in Israel. Safed is well known for its art, small galleries of local artists and narrow alleys.

Naomi, Berit, Katja and I started exploring Safed and walking through the small alleys. At almost every corner of the village you could see art galleries. We looked at a lot of gallerys and also talked to the artist Leonid Zikeev for about half an hour as he showed us his pictures in his gallery, talked about his past and his latest paintings which are exhibited all over the world for example in Germany, Russia and the US. It was very interesting to hear about the history of a local Israeli artist from Safed. We also took a picture with him which was really nice.

As we sat down to have lunch we saw a bar mitzvah celebration. The musicians were playing traditional songs and the whole family was celebrating, singing and dancing.

We really enjoyed watching the family celebrate because it was something that we wouldn´t have seen and experienced in Germany.

We then went to eat a tradional druze dish (Druze nose Labaneh) and continued walking through a small market where you could buy souvenirs, jewelry and more paintings. The atmosphere was really nice and reminded me a bit of Mexico. We also saw the underground tunnels of Safed and went to some small viewing balconies where we had an amazing view over Safed and the surrounding mountains. It was also colder than we expected it to be (about 16 degrees haha) that´s why we also got a hot chocolate before leaving Safed and driving back home to Nes Ammim.






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