First days in Nes Ammim

The first couple of days in Nes Ammim were really exciting. Berit, another volunteer who arrived the same day as we did and I had our introduction day together. We met a lot of new people. They introduced us to the managers of Nes Ammim and the hotel, to all of the volunteers and gave us A LOT of information on what we should keep in mind.

Each volunteer has a volunteer as a mentor who also shows you around and explains how the community works.

The following days I started working in the House Keeping. I had to do the morning shift where I had to start at six oยดclock in the morning and clean the reception, the bathrooms, some rooms, check the lobby and do laundry.

I also worked in the dining hall in the hotel on Shabbat for the first time. We need to set the tables nicely (especially on Shabbat), prepare everything, do the dishes and help the hotel guest if they have any questions. It was very interesting working there because you sometimes get to talk to the hotel guests who are mostly Isrealis.

Thank you and have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚


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