What is Nes Ammim?

When I told my friends and my family that I wanted to go to Israel, almost everybody asked the same questions: What are you going to do there? Why Israel? Isn´t that really dangerous?

I´m doing an international youth voluntary service in a small village in Israel called Nes Ammim. The village is located in the north of Israel, between Haifa and the border to the Lebanon. Nes Ammim is Hebrew and means „Banner of the nations“ and it was founded in 1963 to strengthen the solidarity with the Jewish people. It stands for dialog and mutual respect between Christians and Jewish and Arabic Israelis.

Today mostly volunteers from Germany and the Netherlands live in Nes Ammim and work in different areas like the hotel, the village center or the technical service together with Arabic and Jewish Israelis. The hotel is the biggest source of income for Nes Ammim. It is also the place where I´ll be working at first.
Nes Ammim also has a study program for the volunteers where we get to travel to different places, explore the different aspects of the cultures and traditions and learn about the conflicts and the history of the Middle East.

I find it very important to engage in the dialog between different cultures and religions, especially in a country where there are various conflicts between the Israelis and Palestinians. I hope I´ll be learning a lot and also get to traveling to different cities, monuments and places.
Thank you and have a nice day 🙂


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