Flight to Tel Aviv

My friend Berit and I flew on the 14th of November from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv.

When we arrived in Tel Aviv we couldn´t believe that we were in Israel. It felt all so surreal. We had to wait about two and a half hours to get our visas and to get through passport control. Luckily we didn´t have any problems and could get our luggage and take the next train to Naharyia, a city near to Nes Ammim. Tel Aviv was not what we expected. The airport and trainstation were all very modern and clean and you couldn´t tell the difference between Europe and Israel. The only big difference that we noticed as soon as we got out of the plane was the weather. It was about 25 degrees!!!

It took us about two hours to get from Tel Aviv to Naharyia where two volunteers from Nes Ammim picked us up. We arrived in Nes Ammim at about 9pm. We had a very warm welcome, ate some leftovers from the buffet in the hotel and went to sleep in our own barracks. It was a very interesting, weird, exciting and long day.


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